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Project Nimrod

Be sure to get your hands on the first book within the "Project Nimrod" series. In "Project Nimrod," the main character, Hunter, journeys through the challenges of his teenage years, from juggling his beloved sport of basketball and mounds of schoolwork, convincing this parents to let him follow through with a dream he's had for quite some time, to deciphering his true feelings about his teacher-turned-friend, Jenn, and several other perils in the world of a 13-year-old. 


The trouble with girls

Between Jenn, Hunter's brilliant yet feisty math tutor, and Brooke, his childhood friend and secret crush, Hunter can't seem to juggle his thoughts about what to do in each situation. 

Woe is math

Hunter and math simply do not mix, but does he eventually grasp the concepts taught in class or is he forced to ride the bench for not maintaining eligibility for basketball?

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