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Anadia Darden


Birthday: June 25th (Half-Christmas baby)

Mantra: Do everything in love.


Author inspiration: Zora Neale Hurston, Maya Angelou, and Toni Morrison


Fun fact: I'm dreadfully clumsy. I incorporate uncoordinated characters in my writing. Keep an eye out for it!


Favorite place to write: Kitchen table. I have a desk but I'm not very productive at it.

About Anadia

When a love for reading as a child blossoms into a love of writing as an adult, creative greatness is birthed. Author Anadia Darden began her writing journey at just ten years old, penning short stories based on beloved family and friends. Although Anadia was afraid to share these stories, that did not stop her from writing. In fact, her knack for creativity became glaringly evident as she grew older. Teachers encouraged Anadia to enter writing contests, to which she often submitted her work anonymously. As years passed, Anadia began putting a face to her work, writing for her high school and college newspapers.

Inspired by God’s wonder, her children and their courage to navigate this ever-changing world, and her husband’s relentless drive on the court as he enters his 18th year of professional basketball, Anadia is inundated with motivation and genuine encouragement. As a result, she sets her sights on creating fiction works for younger, curious audiences to enjoy and remember as if the scenes from her books happened to a dear friend or even the reader themselves.


“Reading my work is like watching a series on paper,” Anadia admits. “Before you know it, you’ve binged-read ten chapters. I write every word to not only take readers to another place but for that place to feel like a memory instead of a book you’ve just read.”

Currently, Anadia is a part-time expat, living in Germany with her husband, Tremell, and three children (JT, 14; Indy, 11; and Tripp, 1), then residing in Las Vegas, Nevada, in the summer. When her pen is not flowing onto her paper, Anadia enjoys traveling with her family and focusing on her budding real estate career.


Be sure to keep an eye out for updates regarding Darden’s “Project Nimrod” as well as Anadia’s children’s book series about a little boy named Maize.

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